Welcome To Dungeness


In 2011 I photographed the area of Dungeness in Kent, England. It became my first work published as a photo-essay in The Guardian Weekend Magazine. 

Fabled as Britains only desert its an area I knew well as I grew up with a view of the nuclear power stations of Dungeness from my bedroom window. And although it is somewhere often cited for its desolation and remoteness I found life there, real life. 

I am currently crowdfunding this photo book on Kickstarter, it’ll be the third in a series of self-published photo books from my archive. In-A-Gadda-Da-England and When In The Lone Star State being the previous books. 

I’ve got till the 23rd June 2024 to raise the £7500 to make the book. 

Offset printed by KOPA
Hardback cover
Debossed photograph and gold foil text
296mm x 296mm
100 pages
500 copies


The Guardian Weekend Magazine (2011)

Newsweek Japan (2011)

the more you see, the more you know

the more you know, the more you see

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