In the Garden of England

In the Garden of England
2001 - Present

In 2003 I got my first photography job at a holiday camp in Kent photographing children sitting on the knee of a giant rabbit called Loopy.

During this period I also embarked on telling my own documentary photo-stories about the local area. It would be a photo-essay I made about people who rescue battery farm hens in Kent that would be shortlisted for a Magnum Photos / IdeasTap award in 2010. That exposure ultimately lead to National Geographic Magazine publishing that series in 2011.

This work has been made since 2001, the majority of it wasn’t commissioned by a magazine (but many magazines bought the work after it was made, see publication history on my biography).  I have started going through my archive of projects around Kent and have realised the significant body of work I have collected and now want to complete.