The Unseen: An Atlas of Infrared Plates (2016) 

Published by Schilt Publishing and designed by Teun van der Heijden this book received great reviews and press worldwide. More details on the project are available here. You can buy signed artists copies directly from Ed via the contact page. 

18.5 x 24 cm (portrait), hardback cover with cloth spine, offset printed. 266 pages. 127 images in full colour. Edition of 1500. £30 + P&P

Occupy London (2012)

Ed documented the Occupy London movement from 2011-2012. He compiled the work, notes and essays from occupiers into his first self-published crowd funded book. Cover design by Paul Jackson.

20 x 16 cm (portrait), soft cover. Digitally printed. 120 pages in full colour. Edition of 200. These are the last copies from that edition. £40 + P&P


These selected prints from The Unseen series are available as editioned and signed digital c-type photographic prints :

40 x 30 inch priced £2,000.
20 x 16 inch priced £1,250.

All prices include VAT and courier delivery worldwide.

To place on order please use the contact page

Between Greystones and Rose Court (2011) from The Village series. Only 2 left in the edition of 5 sized 40 x 30 inches.

The House on the Hill (2012) from The Village series. Sold out edition of the larger 40 x 30 inch size. There are however still some of the 20 x 16 inch edition left.

Sign (2012) from The Red Forest series. Edition of 12.

Amusement Park (2012) from The Red Forest series. Edition of 12.

Pripyat Sign (2012) from The Red Forest series. Edition of 12.

Studies in Pollution #7 The Thames (2014) from The City series. Edition of 12.

Neck (2015) from The Vein series. Edition of 12.

Kat (2015) from The Vein series. Edition of 12.

Hellir (2016) from Hellir series. (2016) Edition of 12.

Northern lights and anomoly. (2016) Edition of 12.

All photographs copyright Edward Thompson 2017.                                                                
    ︎ ed@edwardthompson.co.uk