Road Race (2004) 

In 2004 some friends and I loaned our cars to Director Clio Barnhard. She needed them for Travellers to race along a closed section of motorway for a film she was making about illegal horse racing. That project was called Road Race (2004) and it would take the form of an art installation and later go on to inspire her feature film The Selfish Giant (2013). 

I was a young photographer and I loved cinema, so of course I took my folding 1955 SuperIkonta medium format rangefinder camera that day. I shot two and half rolls and no one has ever seen them. So 18 years later here they are. 

I still adore cinema and one of the fields I’ve not had many opportunities to work in are as a stills photographer on film sets. Something I would still love to do. 

the more you see, the more you know

the more you know, the more you see

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