The Texas Hill Country

'The key to understanding America lies not in New York or in Washington, but in the hinterland, in the interior of this vast land. Nowhere is this truer than the lone star State of Texas, homeland of Bush's America.

Ed Thompson's photographs of the Texas Hill Country show America's backyard, and give deep insights into the psychology of a country that so dominates the rest of the world yet whose citizens know so little about it.

The surreal cast of characters and locations Ed has discovered on his odyssey offer a unique perspective on America's relationship to itself and to the rest of the planet.'

Paul Lowe. 2008. 

A note from Ed

These photographs were produced in three months from 2006-2007, while I was still feeling my way as a photographer. There is a much larger body of work in this series and I still feel that it could be an excellent photograpy book someday. 

the more you see, the more you know

the more you know, the more you see

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